Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Q & A : How to register course

a)  Course Registration via SMPweb 
b)  Password will be given to login to SMPweb
c) Course outline about what courses to register will be given during mmp week at faculty 

Timetable - Course Registration for Sem 1 Session 2013/2014

Step 1 : Key in the ID (your Matric No) and the password given, then click "Enter"

Step 2 : Key in the Q&A and your email, and then Click "Kemas"

Step 3 : Click the button "Dafter Kursus/ Gugur Tambah Kursus"

Step 4 : Click "Kemaskini Alamat"

Step 5 : Fill in the information needed and click "Pendaftaran Kursus"

Step 6 : Choose the faculty which offer the courses that you want to register, Click at the courses you want to register, click "daftar", then click "OK" after a text box written 'courses registered are recorded' appeared

Example : FEP offers courses such as mathematics & Management, so I click at FEP first, and then I clicked at the courses that I want to register which are Mathematics and Management, and I click "daftar"

Step 7 : Scroll down the page to check the courses you registered

Course Registration is completed if the courses you registered are correct after you checked it.

If you want to drop courses, please follow the steps below :

Step 1 : tick at the course that you want to drop

Step 2 : Click "Gugur", click "OK" after a text box written "the course is dropped succesfully" appeared 

Step 3 : Scroll down the page and check the course that you dropped. If it is correct, that means you have succesfully completed dropping course.

(Source : SMPweb)

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